How I've Reached Belial (Inferno)

Witch Doctor
I have yet to defeat him, but that's just a gear issue atm.

Build: Variation of BearSpam

Grasp of Dead (Rain of Corpses)
Gargantuan (Bruiser)
Soul Assumption (Siphon) or/ Hex (Hedge) "Because you dont always want to get in melee range, it is preferential"
Spirit Walk (Mana Regen)
Zombie Bears!
Zombie Wall (Your Choice of any of the actual WALL runes, I use creepers)

Spirit Journey / Vision Quest / Your Choice Here.

Simple Kiting with Bears. I've used this since Hell and it has worked amazing for me. As well that it has still been easily used to do bosses and Champion packs. I find that the combo of Grasp/Wall is MUCH better DPS than straight bearspam with Pierce the Veil.
Thanks for posting this, I'm struggling big time to even reach the SK in Act 1!

What is your HP and resists?

Also when solo, do you use the Templar?

How do you handle mortar champs/bosses, those guys give me the most grief and seem to be the anti-kite!
05/23/2012 05:47 PMPosted by Apoth
you forgot to show us your gear, anyone can make a decent build if they have elite gear. most people who say "yea I can solo inferno easy" have ungodly gear and 30k+ dps and 500 resists with 45k HP. Yea i bet i could solo easily too with that gear.

I'm up to recovering zoltans body in the 2 dungeons, and i've run a similar to no resists 11k dps and 34khp
Honestly, how can you not take Horrify with the rune that doubles your armor?
I have a similar build, but I kite with splinters and i use corpse bomb to nuke whites. and since I don't really have a high mana cost skill i use that 20% damage boost skill instead of vq.

Edit: @ above if you have a half decent HP pool, blood ritual is actually a huge help. when i play with a VQ build (which is rare) I use spiritual attunement and blood ritual as my other 2 passives. He leaves a passive slot open so you could probably use either passive as your third.

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