Removed cookie-cutter builds? PLEASE.

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my question is how did monks UNTANKABLITY make it through to this game stage. WE HAVE NOTHING except a couple of buffs for co op when we should have some abilities to deal will enemies at distances and up close
hey bash! I can be funny barb really loves to exact his....Revenge.

Too arrogant to see flaws in your game.

So sad.

We are actually looking at Revenge, but I was ... attempting to be funny. I apologize. I realize it's serious business, but I'm trying not to allow my soul to be crushed by exclamations that Legendary items and class balance are the end of the world and will never be fixed and the game is simply the worst thing ever excreted by humans. I humbly recommend a healthy dose of chillaxification, but I understand some people take that as an act of dismissal.

I giggled.

Stuff like this is why I read these forums. Well, that and to keep up on how many people are NOT having fun slaying stuff with their friends.

Honestly, I'm waiting for PvP to really pass judgment. I want to kill my friends, work out builds, then kill them again.
05/23/2012 07:29 PMPosted by Bashiok
The game is still very young, and it's an amazing game (as most will agree.) But there does have to be some changes in the way classes play out. We were promised various viable builds for customization, but it seems like everyone is following 1 person's build just so they can survive past Act 2 Inferno.

Absolutely! That's the problem exactly. These outlying OP skills need to be handled before we can pinpoint any content adjustments we need to make for the difficulty to feel a bit better, fight the need to kite everything which is killing melee's souls, address items, like, we understand and are working on all of these things. We're going to be working on and supporting this game for years to come, two weeks out, sure it's probably going to need some sanding. Bear with us. We love you.

Now that the game is fully released it's time to start beta testing. Get on that, users who paid for a complete game.
05/23/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Pand3mon1c
A Tank class having to use a TANK build? MADNESS I TELL YOU! also A DPS class building for DPS!?!?

You're an idiot. Go back to wow.
05/23/2012 07:29 PMPosted by Bashiok
Bear with us. We love you.

You are my new favorite, Bashiok.

For what it's worth I think the game is great, and I appreciate that things are already getting looked into and fixed.
Now now children, it's Blizzard, just chill. The game will get fixed in no time, and will be supported for decades to come. Just like every other Blizz title.They've actually fixed quite a lot given the short time span from launch whether you realize it or not.

05/23/2012 07:40 PMPosted by Bashiok
That the thing these thing should of been polished out before launch by blizzard's top-notch QA team, since you wouldn't let us go past level 13, because you guys could handle it without us. Which seems to not be the case as we can see.

Yup, and we can live in What Could Have Been land all the live long day, but it'd be infinitely less destructive to everyone's mental health if we could focus on the here and now and what issues exist and how we're planning to address them.

I'm glad they didn't do a ptr. I think that it would of hurt sales and well as much as I complain. I rather enjoy the forums...... glad you guys still have jobs
I feel like if Valve made Diablo 3 instead of Blizzard they would have been much more concerned about the fan's issues and most of the blinding problems wouldn't have existed (ie: bad servers, disappointing/uninteresting items, broken skills, broken difficulty curve, working AH or no AH at all, horrendous DRM, offline mode, local coop, less dumbed down skill system). 10 years of development really shows it's value, doesn't it? The game is pretty good, but for being developed that long by such a renowned developer only to have the game in the state it's in is kind of embarrassing. I assume future patches will only do so much to fix broken game mechanics and sloppy development.
I can tell you that I don't use any mentioned build here as a Barbarian and I've solo'd Act 1 and getting through Act 2 inferno. I've also switched it up and changed to another set of skills that are different again and have found success. I have not read one single guide on D3, I feel it's cheating myself and I lose the excitement in experimenting and figuring things out while playing.

I don't kite either, didn't really understand what it was until today when I looked it up. Sounds way too boring :P
It's not really the same altogether, some are pretty much "better" with their own build, others however, won't even try experimenting, they would just copy someone's build that they've seen work and just go with it.

Join in the bandwagon :)

First people made Barbs, re-rolled into DH/Wiz, those two got nerfed, they QQed, Monks and Barbs are somewhat "better" now, but still they QQ.

Human in nature, will NEVER be satisfied. ^_^
Keep it up Bashiok. For every person asking for change, there are 2 people who love this game to bits.

Don't let the abuse get to you.
Hahahahahaha, sorry but it's rather funny seeing everyone bashing me for stating that D3 lacks customization when right after Hell+ you're always going to be dependent on certain skills.

I'm a 60 Barb trying to go through Act 1 in Inferno, now let me tell you after reading the forums and inspecting every single Barb that joined my game, we all have the exact same builds, albeit a rune change here and there.

We are ALWAYS dependent on Revenge with the + 30% chance rune which EVERYONE has. EVERYONE is going to have groundstomp and everyone uses cleave and furious charge with passives being either brawler or more damage @ full fury. EVERYONE has ignore threat or replace that with WoB with 100% damage and EVERYONE has the blood of kathor or whatever passive to reduce CD. This game is a cookie cutter build (for barbs at least) to the !@#$ing core and whoever denies, pft please, this is a fact not an opinion.

Maybe if everyone playing a barbarian wasnt just copying everyone else as if there was a meta-build that solves all your problems, and people would use other skills and acually learn the game, we would see more succesful barbs post a1 inferno.

Personally, I see Barbs having a hard time in inferno, and I see them all with the same skill set, I begin to suspect that there is a possible correlation.

It seems that one wants to acually PLAY the game, they just want the other guy to play it for them, rush them to the end content, show them all the exploits and cheap ways to bypass content, tell them what skills to use. Why even play the game at all?

I wont tell you that I faceroll inferno, but I can tell you that I have little problem with act 1, and I didnt use Frenzy, Revenge, or Ignore Pain to do it, and I sure as hell dont use a rage building skill runed for 25% more damage at max fury. Act 2 seems to introduce an entirely higher tier of monster damage that my gear currently cant handle. I am confident that after a few more act 1 clears and some favorable drops I will get by, Just like I did when I first hit act 1.
I'm using the +Defense and +Life Skills/Runes too.

I have to or I'm dead.

And I have to use a Shield too for Extra Armor.

I'm only in NIGHTMARE too. I have passed over so many new skills and runes just because they don't give me more protection.

All the +DPS stuff is useless if I'm getting slaughtered.

Face it - as Barbarians, we are being pigeon-holed into pure "TANKING" specs.

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