Final Act 2 and some Act 3 Cinematics Missing

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I have a feeling that this fix won't be prioritized. So much for a $70 game.
Having the same issue as well except where I differ is that I saw all the cinematics during "normal" but as I'm going along with "nightmare" nothing so far and I just downed Baiel and just saw the npc ones not the big budget ones between acts. Mine was a digital download. Not sure that matters as there seems to be others in the same boat and no apparent fix.
Same issue. If it helps I completed Normal and Nightmare on my laptop. Got a new PC halfway through Hell and installed and finished that there. I first noticed it when no scenes would play during my Hell run.

I saw the user above did a full reinstall and that didn't fix the issue so I hope a fix is forthcoming soon.
This file can be found in the following location on Mac OS X installs:

~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Diablo III

i'm having a hard time finding this file on my computer, could you give me an idea of how to find it?
oh thank you for that solution. I have had a problem with every cinematic but the ones in act 1 missing for a while now. contacting blizzard has been no help at all, canned responses, and when I finally bugged a GM long enough to actually get a response it basically amounted to "who gives a #$$%? shut the hell up and go somewhere else".

Its clear Blizzard doesn't give a #$% once they have our money so I appreciate the fact someone was able to figure out a solution to this. And yah, I do absolutely hate Blizzard for the crappy launch and support of D3 and at the same time love the game.
for me, i had to actually unlock the cinematics again(say, playing on my barb who's currently in hell, and "do them for the first time" as he hasn't done the questline in hell yet, so i noticed making a new char(barb is in act 2) and redo all quests one after another with a char who hasn't gotten there yet works, at least for me, redoing a quest with a char on a difficulty he has already done does not work however(e.g. my wizard lvl 60, going back to hell or below and completing a quest does not unlock the cinematic, but doing the quest for the first time in inferno does, altho that's hard alone :(()

EDIT: forget what i said... the story cuts or w/e they're called comes up as expected(the fallen star, the stranger etc...) but the movies(tyraels sacrifice, the diamond gates' fall etc) does not appear, defeated the butcher on inferno today but Tyraels Sacrifice did now show nor come up in the cinematics list :((
I have the same problem. I installed the game from my CD purchase and I only recall it playing Act II Cinematic once or twice but from here on out it never does. Also it does not show up in my main menu Cinematic for Act II but the other Cinematic are still there. =(

And the community comes to the rescue again! Thanks for the fix guys, editing the D3Prefs worked but Blizz is not off the hook. This is still a bug and hasn't it been corrected yet?
I can confirm that even after about 6 months this bug is still not fixed.
Yup. Still not fixed.
Still not fixed, exactly 1 year later. Even with the D3Pref fix, cinematics wont show up after each respective bossfight.
11/20/2013 11:51 AMPosted by McKoc
Still not fixed, exactly 1 year later. Even with the D3Pref fix, cinematics wont show up after each respective bossfight.

Did you try setting all 4 "PlayedCutScene" entries to "15"? This fix, the best one I know of, will allow the cinematics to be played again once, but you have to edit it again to see the cut-scenes again on all but a new character going through Normal. It's a PITA kind of thing for those of us who love to watch the cut-scenes each time, but that's how it's set on the server-side because most people don't want to see them repeatedly.

In RoS, I believe there's a setting to disable cut-scenes from playing. Hopefully this means we can turn them to always play just by unchecking this option.

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