Witchdoctor bugs, and bugs, and nerfs plz

Bug Report
I'm not sure if Azmodan has a debuff for witchdoctors, but when in his chambers fighting against him, witchdoctor spirit walk only lasts 1 second each use (even with the passive that increases it to 3). This effectively makes it impossible to avoid the falling rocks if they spawn in the middle of a character, which means you die if Azmodan has already recently dropped rocks on you before. Whichever the case, if this is a bug please fix it. If this is not a bug, this needs to be nerfed.

(1) Pool/ Mortar bug-- Again, this is questionably either a bug or intended I'm not sure. When being mortared or a monster summons a pool of something (such as the spider boss in act 3 --can't remember her name), you will be hit from the pool even if you are like 5 game feet away. There have been many times I have been insta-killed in Inferno mode when it was clear from my game screen that I was outside the radius of the graphic representation of the in-game pool. Please fix this. This is beyond frustrating. This same pool bug is found when Azmodan summons black pools (pits?), among other things.
I'm not sure about the Spirit Walk part, but I've seen the pool bug before.

I can't find the relevant thread I was looking for (it seems to have been deleted), but is the issue you're describing the same as the one in this video at around 3:50 and 10:04? Just note that there's some swearing in the video and so it's a bit NSFW.


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