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Attempting to log into Diablo 3 gives the me error 42003, telling me that suspicious activity has locked my account.

The thing is, I've unlocked my battle.net account. Several times. All night. For hours now. Constantly. Over and over.

Is my account unlocked or locked, because battle.net letting me pop in and out with ease tells me I'm good to go, but Diablo 3's persistence that I'm suspicious and my account is still locked is obviously telling me the opposite.

I just purchased this game tonight. Do not make me regret such a thing, as I really enjoy this game, but right now, Blizzard, something needs to be made clear to me. What exactly is going on?

Will I ever be able to sign on in? Battle.net says I'm unlocked and my Diablo 3 account status says I'm good to go, but Diablo 3 itself is telling me to shut up and sit down.
I haven't played yet. I got the game and registered around 2 today. Waited until 6ish for my friend to also register. He then has it install and update and leaves at 8 for a movie. We start around midnight.

I can log in just fine.
He gets error 42003.

Resets password several times and logs into the website to verify that the password has been changed.

Can't find anything about 42003. I hear of hackers on the forums clearing out items and gold from supposed "client-side problems" even though it doesn't seem it has anything to do with login credentials. I now fear for my own safety. Set up the SMS and find out it doesn't work with D3.

We're both pretty ticked off as I've promised to play with him exclusively and cannot do anything on my own. Now we've gotta wait for support to open up so that it can might be fixed.

You are not alone.

EDIT: He has literally no progress in the game (cannot log in to even start) and has last logged on to battle net for the beta weekend.

I suspect this crap happened within the 6 hour window since he registered, but that's just conjecture.
i am facing the same problem as you. just installed the game today. have yet to even start the game. initially i have problems even changing password with my cd key. could only change via account recovery.
it was also error 42003
Blizzard please help why doest it always lock my account when i try to log in!
Exactly the same as OP. I feel your pain man! This is such bull!@#$... shouldn't have to deal with this %^-* for a single player game. Never buying another Blizzard game with always on connection required
same problem here, wrote a support ticket about 2 hours ago, let's see what they answer me and especially when
EDIT: started for me at 8:52 UTC+1 could play yesterday until today 1:00 - 2:00 UTC+1
Same thing here. I can login to american servers, but when i try to log in to european ones i get the error! Sometimes it works to log in after logging in to an american server, logging out there and log in in europe... Maybe it got something to do with playing the american version in europe, or the error occurs cause i copyed the install.exe from my friend instead of downloading it. I have no idea....

Try that with the changing the servers...
ive got the same problem here, locked out of starcraft too, yet i can login to battle.nets website now

it enough to make you want to play torchlight...
and I thought I was going insane. having the same exact issue here. i even signed up for that battle.net sms protect thingy with no joy.
Sigh. Game launches are stressful. Same thing going on with me.
Same!! Hate blizzard for releasing this half-finished buggy mess of a system...
Update: He called support this morning and he was able to get things rolling again. 42003 may not be "hacker" related and just a dumb bug. Took him a while, but he can log in now. The *Dial-in authenticator doesn't work for D3, but the smartphone app does.

I suggest getting that set up anyway.
I'm glad to see that I'm not alone. Same thing happened to me. I was playing when my internet connection was lost. After that I was trying to log in several times, changing password every time, even sanding ticket, but it's still the same. Now I'm waiting new reply to my ticket. I can't bealive this is happening.
Same problem, I have been trying time and time again, so frustrated why does this connection happen for single player, I just want to play by myself, don't link me to any server if your server are too busy or anything!

Miss Diablo II now...
Got the same issue.
When will they resolve this madness ?
Have been trying to login for hours.
Currently at my 29th password change ...
Same here.

Changed e-mail and password several times... Now I got Starcraft 2 to run again and created a ticket.

Won't try again until I hear this is fixed.

Long time Blizzard fan, back from the day of Blackthorne and Rock'n Roll Racing on the SNES... This is a big disappointment :( Who would have thought all the doomsayers were right about the online stuff ruining the game!
Probable solution here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5151722038?page=1#13

Have a look on the last post by me. Hope that helps you finally play the game :)

P.S. seems like Diablo3 issues are spreading to tech forums - trying to reply to this, got an Internal Server Error... ffs blizzard..
So many issues with D3. It's been giving me sleepless night (Not that i am complaining) and a lot of stress for not able to log in to give me more sleepless nights.
same here !!! blizz help pls... :(( just bought game...

i waited this to play...

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