Open Letter to Chris Metzen

Lore and Story
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I agree. The stories of all Blizzard games have been nothing but sheer quality in my humble opinion up until now. Diablo 3's story honestly felt like it could have belonged to a completely different series due to it's downfalls. Diablo 1 was the best with all of it's mystery followed closely by Diablo 2 with all of it's twists. Diablo 3 however was very predictable, plain, and often times didn't have any true purpose other than what I believe to be just them needing more content than what they had. We will always remember you in good spirits, but it may be time to pass the torch on to someone else.


Its unfortunate how Blizzard and their writing has fallen from grace. I think it began with vanillla WoW and eventually reached SC2 and D3.

Warcraft and Diablo were essentials in the making of the being I am today. I was 8 years old when I played D2 for the first time, even younger for Warcraft II: they ARE my childhood, and Chris Metzen was my hero, I really wanted to be like him. But now, with every wow expansion, Blizzard is taking huge steps in a very different path: no more mature subject, no more original storytelling, no more innovative tales. Diablo III is the paragon of the fact that Blizzard has lost his touch, and it saddens me to a point that I can’t even play to their games anymore. I mean, gameplay wise D3 was a huge success, an improvement from D2 in all aspects. The story, though, was a completely different thing. It looked like they were trying to convince us the story was good: the characters are trying all the time to tell you how you should feel about the events or the villains, but the truth is that you can’t immerse yourself in the storyline, the result being a complete indifference.

Chris Metzen, you are one of the most important figures in my life, and I will always respect you, but I can’t support the way Blizzard is heading: it seems that instead of going only forward, you should maybe look back, find again your roots.
The dialogue was poor, and the way they did the lore was awfully intrusive, distracting, broke the mood and was basically annoying. Put that stuff in a manual! Not enough room was left to the imagination, it was all right there. You need to leave some blank spaces for the player's imagination to fill in. Sometimes some of the things the NPCs say in the game just seem like they're laughing at the customer or making fun of me for buying the game, I swear.

SC2 had the same problem, it was derivative in a way where you weren't sure if they were trying to do a homage and just screwed it up, or if they'd run out of ideas, or if they were just paralyzed by the fans and afraid to break the mold. I'm thinking of the episode of The Guild where Codex goes to work at Obviously Blizzard But We Can't Say That and the one dude, who is obviously some guy from Blizzard but I couldn't say who, is just losing it completely over the mermaid tileset...hang on, I totally lost where I was here.

Anyways, I hate to say it but Blizzard peaked with Warcraft 3, especially story-wise, it's been nothing but downhill since, maybe they just said everything they had to say because ever since it's been rehashes, Maguffins and deus ex machina everywhere.
/signed I would love there to be some Blizz feedback on this.

It's not like we are all being confrontational... Some of us are just genuinly concerned about some of the highly 2 dimensional characters/stories that have cropped up.

I love D3... But I want it to be better, I know it can be better.

The taunting of the bosses and evil doers in Diablo 3 got really old, really fast.
Also I know this won't happen but bring Ed Trotta back as Tyrael while we're at it.

Although all this may be for nothing since Blizz is just working to churn out money, that's it.

But idiots like me still keep hoping against hope for justice and redemption. :/
Of course there's been no Blue response. Or any acknowledgement, whatsoever. And this thread is almost a year old now.

A guy said it in the secret level is a joke on the gen. forums.. The secret level in d2 was a poke at the mythos of d1. The pony level is a poke at disgruntled fans of the series. (And in a sad twist of irony, this could have been a real vehicle for what they were doing with the series was wrong).

Anyways this idea of mythos, almost none of the creatures from d2 have made it into d3, there are some but, its like you took more from WoW than the world of sancturary. (This is probably the biggest issue) But the point being, d3 totally disregarded any mythos that the previous diablo games had created, basically rewriting what was an incredible world to something that is more wow-esque.

Please, remake the game the way it should be, the way the original games were made, and consider your work vindicated.
<signed />
Anything that has "listen to us fans" is wrong. Listening to fans is why we have LFR on WoW and why Inferno was nerfed into oblivion on D3. Fans dont know what they want, and nobody can ever come to a consensus. There is a reason we arent the developers.
I'm surprised this thread is still going on. Aren't petition posts frowned upon by the moderation staff?
/Signed I miss the details that diablo 1 offers. One of the most memorable parts of the story was the poem of the Halls of the Blind. Since there was only one town, the roles of the townspeople took more depth, and that added to the story. Idk.
We're not saying we don't love you Chris, but play through the Azmodan/Diablo taunts for another round and see why we feel this way.


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