Open Letter to Chris Metzen

Lore and Story
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Thanks for this thread.

While playing the first acts, I felt gradually more and more alone. Had the whole world gone crazy? Had the average player regressed into a pre-adolescent state? Were people with average intelligence and basic language skills a demographic too small for targeting?
Reading your eloquent letter and other replies here, I'm relieved to see it's not just me.

If Blizzard doesn't take more care how they treat their IP's, they will quickly tarnish their reputation for quality. Not saying this for the sake of complaining. Blizzard games have always been special for me, ever since Warcraft: OaH.

And to whoever thinks that former games had just as lame writing and delivery:
high fantasy writing isn't inherently bad. Warcraft 2 had some fantasy-cheese, but it was kept short and effective, and was delivered in a fitting way.
I've thought about this before. I'm not really sure if it's a decline in writing or a combination of nostalgia and maturity on my part. I was around fourteen when I played Warcraft 1, 2 and Starcraft for the first time, sixteen when I started playing Diablo 2, and nineteen when I played Warcraft 3.

That said, Diablo 3's story really did make me cringe a few times. The characters just bothered me. So many of them were just tired tropes, like Lyndon, the scoundrel with a "heart of gold". I also didn't like how so many of the villains (Maghda, Cydaea, Azmodan, Diablo, and even Malthael) would show up from time to time just to say "You'll never beat me, neener neener neener!"; it really made them a lot less threatening and more like Saturday morning cartoon villains (and now I suddenly have a mental image of Diablo being defeated by a Care Bare stare).
Although I think the OP is quite rude and extremely self-entitled (I am a random person on an internet forum demanding the resignation of a dude who is responsible for the lore of games that have created millions in revenue), there are some valid points.

In the original game there was too much of this:

"Foolish Nephalem...You Sunk My Battleship! But no matter, my Submarine will crush you!"

As a huge Blizzard fanboy myself there are also too many similarities between the three universes. Main characters never die (which makes more sense in Diablo, but has been WAY overdone in Warcraft), and there are cool plot twists (Leah, Bolvar) but serious plot holes in the way those twists are arrived at (Tyrael has to ignore a mountain of evidence, Bolvar surviving a fire bath from Alexstrasza).

I think a more level-headed response would be "One of the franchises should have someone else in charge to increase the diversity of the plot lines."

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