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Bug Report
Lost all my items on my one character that I played last night (was fine when I played on 5/23 and 5/24), but today I log into that character (5/25) and only that character has lost all the gold and equipment. Chest in town still has the two items I had in there and I still have all my health potions.
Has anyone else had this happen to them?
Exact same thing happened to me today, except they left two unidentified items in my inventory and left a little more in my stash. Plus, my alt's equipment, which is a lowbie, wasn't touched.
I also lost all items on my main character plus all that was in my stash and my 100k gold. All my other characters are fine.
Same issue here. This a bug or did my account become compromised?
I also lost everything!! but followers and my lvl.
Just got on this morning and all my stuff is missing as well... would like to know whats going on here.
My stuff is missing as well, just from my main character though, and I had nothing really in my stash. I submitted a ticked so we shall see if anything happens.
exactly same here logged on everything's lost from my main character only though how odd

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