Got to inferno, looking for advice...

Demon Hunter
I just got to inferno and I am just looking to get some advice on how others have been able to get through it without wanting to ram their head against the wall.

Looking for three things:
1. What stats should I focus on in gear other than Dex > Vit, after those should I go with +X to all Resist?

2. Which build do you find more effective for soloing:!eYT!YcbZZc

3. Anyone have any builds that would work well with a WD and Barb in a group as I have been playing co-op with some friends but find solo builds a bit less effective here.

Thanks for the advice!
Bump any tips please :D
unless you have 40k or 50k hp rain of vengence is pointless
you'll get 1-shotted 95% of the time
Your first build is the skill set that seems to be what most people are using, with respect to everything except Rain of Vengeance. Im not sure if this skill has recently been reconsidered to be great or something, but I dont think its very useful for its cooldown. All of the runes except one require the user to be generally stationary for the enemies to take the damage of the spell, which is really contradictory to solo-DH, which is 90% kiting.
Your second build is pretty much the same, but with vault instead, probably the better of the two if thats all you feel like using. Personally I dont see the appeal in that vault rune, I think if any Tumble or the one that stuns is better.

Im only in A2 inferno, but I've been using that first build that you have, except I use the Hooked Spines rune for Caltrops, and instead of Rain of Vengeance, I use Shadow Power with Blood Moon.
I prefer Hooked Spines on Caltrops to Torturous Ground, after using both extensively and finding that most of the time if an enemy runs onto the caltrop after the caltrop has immobilized other enemies, they wont be immobilized, only slowed the 60%. Hooked Spines on the other hand, slow everything 80% regardless of when the trap is activated by various enemies.
Shadow Power's value is in the survivability it offers; if you're at a dangerous amount of HP, you can hit SS and Shadow Power and just keep firing into a crowd with Nether Tentacles, and generate likely all your HP without using a pot. I'm pretty sure that also leaves you with enough discipline to SS again after lifestealing, to escape the area if everything isnt dead.
Currently farming Act I with ease and i can tell you that the first build you linked works wonders in farming Warden/Butcher (5valor). Because the maps in which the elites/champs are in are so perfect for stampede. I can stand and shoot NT and use stampede and get all 3 below 20% life when stampede ends. (Horde w/ immunity i believe are also knocked back although they would probably give you the most trouble) After that it's just a breeze with kiting using calotraps. You can handle almost any affixes that comes at you. Have a decent weapon of 750+. you can find them for 100-150k which is pretty cheap on AH. Boots speed 12% also helps a lot with kiting.

Also what Flymono said is correct about those calotraps. Try the 80% rune. They move sooooo slow.

Another suggestion would be to use fear arrow. The fear arrow would be best if you use a bow for faster AS for it to proc. This fear arrow works good against avenger elites/champs.

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