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i agree i have been going at it for 3 hrs so far and nothin
I put the game on normal mode so it was easier to clear. Just makes the runs faster fyi.
I play it on NM but still 1 shot everything on my barb just more money.
Finally got it on what felt like about 75 or so tries. Spawned on the second floor of the Caverns near the portal out. Guys this was by far the worst drop rate of all the parts. I was pulling my hair out I was so frustrated! This one alone took 3 hours of nonstop farming. Keep at it and you will get it!
Yeah I've been trying to get this for like 4 hours frustrating when you get the wrong cave and have to log out and reset back in : /
Got mine after about 1 hour of farming, quite simple really.
lol just lvld my witch doctor from 25 to 32 getting this stupid thing :P
i spent 10 minutes getting it
i found mine on lvl 2 in the icefall caves, so i recommend running both... also quick question, trying to find it in hardcore, can i farm it on normal or does it have to be higher? found everything else on nightmare difficulty apart from shinbone, that was normal
Ive been farming for hours now, and found the cave in just about every run i made, and no boss.
Hate to necro this post, but I think this item is bugged as of 2.0.1. I just started looking for the staff items and this is the last one I need. I've killed Chiltara about five times now and the Gibbering Gemstone has not dropped at all.
Either Chiltara has a VERY low drop rate or I have some extreme bad luck. I have been farming for the gibbering gemstone for the last 2 days. Have killed Chiltara about 50 times and have not seen the thing drop at all. At first I figured it was a magic find issue. So 3 other buddies of mine and I went in and cleared it and killed her like 30 times. Nothing. So I started going thru my stash and found all the MF gear I could and got to 95% MF selfbuff. With 3 friends that is 125% MF. Also got a few treasure find shrines with 25% MF. So that took me to 150% MF. STILL NOTHING!! I am getting extremely annoyed and VERY angry.
My staff of herding disappeared, so now I am farming the mats again, got them all except the gibbering gemstone. killed Chiltara about 10 times, nothing so far, been 5 hrs. this really blows.
I just killed Chilltara twice and it didnt drop, its a pretty rare drop for 100%
mhmm well that sucks, i found her one game after farming for 2 hours and i remember clear as day, chiltara a purple mob and she didnt drop it ;(....
This item is definitely not 100% drop rate anymore. I am in the same boat as you guys that have been recently farming the mats for the staff. I have killed Chiltara about 30-40 times over the past 2 days and have yet to get the gibbering gemstone. It's annoying because I found all the rest of the mats within 4 hours haha. Only thing I can recommend is keep trying and hopefully we will hear about it if it is bugged.
Looks like the drop rate is bugged from recent patches.
I just killed Chiltara for the first time after dozens of runs, and the Gibbering Gemstone did not drop!

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