How many copies sold?

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Just wondering blizz, how many copies of the game did you sell and how many can your servers support? Answer to second part seems to be not nearly enough. Seems like all the people who bought the game would like to be able to play... hummmmm never saw that one coming. Please get this !@#$ fixed
Being an a$$ is not going to help solve the problem. The amount of players currently trying to connect compared to the beta weekend is exponential. The only way to fix these issues is to experience them first. I'm just as irritated as anyone else, but making pointless posts like this isn't going to help.

My $0.02
No game company designs a network to hold all the users at once. Just like no government designs their highways to hold all of the cars in the city at once. Sometimes there's traffic when there's more than the average number of people, and the first few days of launch is one of those times.

Complaining about it isn't going to make them suddenly go out and buy a few million dollars worth of servers, build them, install them, test them, network them, and integrate them, only for a few days of use.

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