Still can't install, OS out of date...wth?

Technical Support
I have yet to see ONE blue response on this issue which leads me to think they have NO clue as to what is going on here. I took 3 days off and have yet to get to play 1 of those days, what the heck when are we going to get a hotfix for this issue, if ever?
I had the same issue. Make sure you have the latest service pack installed before you try to install the game. I went from Vista 64 bit SP1 and installed SP2 and the game is now installing.
I think this was due to not having Service pack 1 installed...check that out first.
I have 2 Lateralus, 1 is outdated.
I am shocked out of all these post I have seen about this issue NOT 1 blue has responded that they are at least looking into this issue.
I meant for windows 7, didn't realize you had vista.
Yea its vista and I'm not paying 100 bucks to play diablo 3 when I run battlefield3 and skyrim with 50-70 fps. It's not my computer it's the game.

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