Non stop disconnects

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For the past hour or so I have been getting disconnected every 3-5 minutes. Not only does it DC me, but it resets my progress back the last checkpoint. I have restarted my computer, etc. Nothing seems to work. There are a few other threads about the same issue, so I am guessing it is not me.

I have a killer internet connect -- no lag in game.
I am on a mac
I am playing a barbarian
I am currently in Act II

Please help.
Me 2 .. the same problem. Maybe the Act II is the problem. I will start a new hero..
join the club man :( was the first batch that posted about it this morning....still no update.
Keep posting in the thread below and hopefully we'll get a response.
I am getting the Network Disconnect issue every 5 mins in every game ive tried to join for the last 2 hours. Its worked fine before , just recently having this issue. Please fix!!!

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