You think WD is bad? Try this first!

Witch Doctor!YWV!abZaZa

Main damage skills: Explosive toads and Harvest. Get as close to 5 stacks as you can then use toads in mid to close range.

Utility skills: Spirit Walk and Hex.

Spirit Walk is both your Oh!@#$ button and your positionning tool. I find personally that walking through a pack with SW, pop harvest in the middle, keep going till you are behind em and start spamming toads. They'll turn around as you reapear and run straight into your living minefield.

Hex + healing rune is amazing. Not only can you CC yellows/purples with it, but the healing itself is enough to keep you up against most ennemies even if you do end up tanking.

Secondary skills: Grasp and Gargantuan. Grasp is usefull to get more globes, while your Gargantuan provides excellent complementary DPS as well as serving as a decoy.

Passives: Gruesome feast with the "Death is Life" rune on Grasp is a great combo for both damage and survivability. You can afford to use Pierce the Veil since you are using a lot mana spell as your main damage. And Spirit Vessel is pretty self-explanatory. Its your get-out-of-jail car as well as allowing you more mana regen through its CD lowering passive (Harvest and Spirit Walk both being used secondarely as mana regen mechanics).

If you still think that you would be better off with a Wiz or a DH after this, be it damage or survivability-wise, you are doing something terribly wrong!

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