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If loving him is wrong, I don't want to be right
I don't want to be right either. He's awesome.
Completely agree, I love my Gargantuan. He might not be good for much more than tanking and making me smile - but those two things are enough to get you on my rotation.

Also fun tip: (If you're using the restless giant rune) Re-summon him as soon as he comes off of cool-down in champion/boss fights, since his CD is lower than his restless giant proc CD, you'll get an extra proc or two out of him during the longer fights.
^ What spud said, use it that way and you will never want to trash him lmao
05/17/2012 12:58 AMPosted by Internet
^ What spud said, use it that way and you will never want to trash him lmao

=P and I'm not even so sure he's DOING a whole hell of a lot(i've been in a 4 man co-op pretty much 99% of the time so far), but damn - he just looks so cool when he goes into freak mode.
duo with a monk and i always have my garg out. the garg does a good job of generally being in the way of whatever my monk tank doesnt aggro first. not sure on the dmg he does in dungeons but for large bosses, he gets in there and is a consistent source of dmg that u dont have to worry about. when he dies, just summon a new one. its that simple.
everyone in my party yells out "HULK SMASH" whenever my garg enrages.
awesome. he's the best <3
He's my hero. LOVE Restless Beast.

Sometimes though, I get tunnel vision and try to blow him up :(
He just gurgles and smiles though.
saved my !@# so many times, love the big guy :)
I love him too! After seeing how weak zombie dogs were, I was worried about him. But nope, he turned out to be everything I could have hoped for from him. He is a beast with that restless giant rune.

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