Arreat = WELL DONE!

Lore and Story
I have to say, the initial battle at the fort in Arreat was excellent. Made The Two Towers movie look like a few orcs and their buddies got out for a night in the town (in fact, this is much closer to what I always imagined the scene in the book would have been like). This was one of the first levels where I would regularly stop just to look at what was going on around me. Kudos Blizzard. You win this round.
I agree and I just started Act 3!
True enough, I have very little positive to say about most of the level design/plot, but I loved that area (along with some of the ruins in Act II).
You know I agree. Act III was by far the best in this game. It played into that lore of Arreat. I think that is what people wanted more of in this game. However, can't play the game in one place now can you.
No, but I was tempted to keep running that quest over and over ;)
I had alot of fun in that area! also got my first (and only) legendary off of one of the first mobs you get to kill on the walls. although, i really would have liked to see a more overwhelming number of enemies once you get down on the ground and on the bridge
Yeah, the number of enemies has been a bit on the low side for my tastes. That said, something tells me that Normal is just one long tutorial ;)
I agree Bastion Keep was the best zone in the game, i liked tristram as well, the desert was Meh except for the end. i didn't like the heavens to much they felt kinda linear
I love Bastion Keep, so few developers puts you in real battlefields.

What I find wierd though is that they made the whole part at the keep briliant, but when you are supposed to venture out into the field, then the large amounts of armies that was clashing in the background is gone. I was very disappointed by this, I was really hoping to see lots of NPC soldiers fighting mobs. What I got was a very barren battlefield.

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