Love the variety in here..

Demon Hunter
I am so happy to hear that there are no cookie cutter builds that everyone is flocking towards. Diablo 3 succeeds bigtime in that regard and there is so many possibilities.

Anyways here is my build that I will be testing and if anyone has had any experience with a rocket heavy build let me know.!aeh!bcZZbc

Please let me know any criticisms or suggestions you have late game, that I may not have considered.

Im only at lvl 28 and finding it hard making decisions about what skills I want to run with.
Sooooo much fun too!

Oh, and I just discovered Impale, and it just owns. getting over 1000 crits sometimes.

The other thing I've been finding works really well when using Impale...

Is to use Marked for Death on a larger boss type, then jump into shadow power and spam Impale. Health goes to full so fast.
No cookie cutter builds....

As long as you run Prep + Smoke.
i cant post on my DH but yes, prep is required :D lvl 52 atm and not having too many issues, i run with a barb/WD/me combo and we destroy everything. so much fun :D

i run this build as i dont have to worry about mobility and the regen from shadow power//the massive damage increase from not being close is far too OP for party play.!eYc!aZZZaZ

currently in hell mode :D
About to finish hell with no problems and have been using the same build since normal. Also, smokescreen is a must.
I agree with the above. The only skill I find will give you an absolute advantage and should be included in every build is smoke screen.

I've gone out of my way to acquire increased max discipline gear just for smoke screen. I'm at the point now that if preparation is available, I can smoke screen for 24 seconds with no breaks.

24 seconds of invincibility.......

What am I gonna take over that? Vault?

That being said, I've found there's great and viable diversity in DH attack abilities and passives. However, I've been using sharpshooter lately and it seems to eclipse the rest of the passives in my opinion.
Actually, once you get into the higher difficulties, demon hunters have the least amount of options build wise.
A good sign is that I see a lot of people saying, "Your build is crap, check out my build, it's the best."

Yeah, 3 second smoke screen + prep with heal + tactical advantage is awesome. Yeah I'm using a passive that doesn't directly increase my damage but I just love being able to pop SS and dart around to travel faster or gtfo if I'm in trouble.
No cookie cutter builds....

As long as you run Prep + Smoke.

Yeah, right now this sounds about the cookie cutter build. A lot of people pray on Prep + Smoke for the "15 seconds of invulnerability."
The variety is a great thing Blizzard did for Diablo 3. There are some overpowered/obvious use abilities, and some lolwhydoesthisexist abilities (and there always will those types of abilities), but otherwise there is a ton of preference in the style of play.

I think the best thing is that it's all able to be customized fairly easy. No buying dust, no going to a trainer to respec, or any of that jazz. Just go to your skills, and change it up. There is no way you can mess up like you could with D2 (especially before they offered respeccing). If you're playing wrong you can easily fix it in the matter of a few minutes.

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