Best weapon for WD?

Witch Doctor
For the first few levels I was trying to use what I thought were reasonable witch doctor weapons, a dagger and a fetish. Then I found a blue spear and equipped that with a shield. After killing the skeleton king I received a really nice 2 handed sword, I was really surprised by how much more damage my spells did with that big bastard equipped. So my question is, should I just be using the highest DPS main hand I can find? I obviously never swing it so speed etc doesn't matter. I imagine once I am up to nightmare mode etc a shield will probably be a nice thing to have but right now I am "One Darting" damn near everything I see.
you dont ever "use" your wep so go with whatever drops that is high dps/has good stats for you
I'd say the most damaging weapon you can find with life leach.. I prefer 1 handed so I can have the flexibility of using a shield when I need it, but it isn't really necessary in normal.
Have we figured out if our dogs get the shield absorb stat too? or just the armor?

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