Some quick DH questions if i may.

Demon Hunter
Hey guys, just about to go to bed, but i hope for a Few answers tomorrow :)

Are demon hunters any good? I've gotten the impression that they su-huuuck.

Im playing a level 53 wizard with about 5.5k~ dps, and its working out great, but im not a one character type guy ;D

Anyway, ive been playing with my cousin on an off (hes my barbtank) and, in nightmare act 3, my other friend, a demon hunter (3 levels higher than us) joined, and his damage as a f***ing joke compared to mine, he died All the time, he was basically our resser in case we screwed up..

So, yeah.. demon hunters seems like a joke to me, a running bower who can do nothing but slow my enemies.. please tell me im wrong, cuz they look damn cool ;D.
Not sure if u are trolling, but in the event u are not, see this for an idea of what DPS is like for DH:

Lvl 53 DH can easily have up to 20k DPS. Whether or not the class "sux" relative to other classes remains to be seen.

If his gear sux, then his dmg will be terrible. Also, caltrops with jagged rune deals continuous dmg when snaring and scales with dmg. You can either play as AoE DPS for crowd control or single enemy DPS. Again, it's all item and ability build dependent.
Don't base your idea of demon hunters off one person. DHs are great. I haven't compared mine to other classes, but they are a blast thus far.
Cool ^^ it just seems to me that the only thing DH's "can" do atm, is to slow and run away :< but maybe i was wrong :)

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