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As a person who is only in Nightmare, I have no right to say anything regarding the difficulty of Inferno or Hell, but isn't there anyone out there, like me, who is excited to get their !@# handed to them on a silver platter? I know that a lot of people are saying monks and barbs blow for inferno, and I'm not gonna say they don't. But isn't raging about not being able to beat something and then farming for ages to beat it, part of the Diablo lifestyle? Again, I'm not sayin people need to chill and farm more, I'm just askin, who has the confidence to say, I'm gonna beat that $%^- regardless of how hard it is?

That being said, I personally don't like running more than one of those defensive abilities, is it possible to build a good DPS monk that can survive Hell and possibly Inferno without kiting too much?

The build I use right now is:!bcV!bZaZZZ

I dual wield and so far I haven't had much trouble with gear that has good dex values with some vit here and there.

Edit: I swap beacon for Sixth Sense occasionally when the situation calls for it.
I'm nearing the end of hell and haven't had to kite TOO Much... but a lot of elites you have to run away from some at least.

I would suggest using a shield in the higher difficulties. Ultimately, your offhand with dual wielding is just a stack stick that nets you some stats and the 15% IAS boost... Shields can get you large amounts of dexterity, vitality, and critical chance so you can stack your sweeping winds faster / run a critical hit spirit regen rune on your generator. Personally, unless I have a spectacular weapon for both hands, I seem to do equal or more damage with a shield and have considerably higher armor, plus adding in the block chance.

You'll probably want to change your passives to defensive ones in the higher difficulties. Trancendence, the dex to armor one, and one with everything are practically mandatory to take a hit. You'll also probably want to spam your mantra, most likely the healing one.
I might try rolling two handed, given that I find or am able to craft a decent Daibo. If I get the attack speed, I feel like it could be viable for a glass cannon sort of monk. I would have to change up the build a bit, any more suggestions?
I'm through Act I Inferno using one-hander + shield. Unfortunately, as Monks, we need to take almost exclusively defensive abilities to be able to stand toe-to-toe with Rare and Champion packs in Inferno.

Seven-Sided Strike for me is a must, though. While it's supposed to be a completely offensive ability, the fact that you're invulnerable during the execution of it is invaluable.

I run something like:

Crippling Wave (Mangle)
Sweeping Wind (Blade Storm)
Serenity (Ascension)
Seven-Sided Strike (Sustained Attack)
Breath of Heaven (Blazing Wrath)
Mantra of Healing (Time of Need)

Seize the Initiative

Unfortunately, my DPS has boiled down to maintaining Sweeping Wind and spamming Crippling Wave. I'm able to kill most Rare packs in Act I, but Act II has kicked my !@# so far.

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