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I never do this sort of thing, but I'm furious and I feel Blizzard deserves to be bashed on this.

I've played WoW, D2, SC2, and a myriad of MMO's and never have I been hacked. Ever. And to be fair, I don't follow all the "safety guidelines" to protect my internet. In advance, I know that is probably how I got hacked. I don't blame blizzard for my getting hacked. Maybe it was their fault, maybe it wasn't. But read this stupidity, and you'll see why I'm mad.

I get home from work and hop on D3, and realize all my stuff is gone. I WTF, go on the forums and google and read massive article dumps and threads about people getting accounts hacked and robbed. I see people bashing Blizz, but having been a loyal follower previously in SC, WC2 and 3, D2, D3, etc. and knowing full well My internet is about as safe as a pair of 16 year olds and a leaky condom, my first assumption is "well, how do I get my gear back" not "screw you blizzard, my fortress is indestructible!" So I leave a ticket and call Blizzard.

An hour later a Customer Support Rep gets me on the phone, verifies my info, and I explain what happened. He tells me how the reloading of my gear works, I explain the last time I played was over 18 hours ago, etc. And that upon loading my account, a new friend has appeared on my recently played with list, hk7192 or something, a lvl 3 demon hunter or the sorts who obviously isn't a comrade of mine. The CSR, though polite, pretty much tells me this is my fault, I get 2 fresh slates on this and even if I download or purchase blizzards authenticator and I still get hacked again, it isn't blizzard's fault. In fact, if I buy an authenticator and still get hacked, It's pretty much EVEN MORE MY FAULT because it means I have a keylogger. At this point, I don't even care, and as stated before the CSR was very polite and cool. However, he sort of sheepishly tells me "Yeah, I've only dealt with like, 3 of these issues tonight." To which I said "Yeah, you should check the forums, if you want I can link you multiple 20+ page threads to aid you in seeing the problem at hand!" and he sort of "whatever'd" me.

I get off the phone, and as said before, despite the sort of "rough handling" I was okay with everything, I hadn't been mistreated by the dude, and he said I'd be geared up in like 30 mins. So I was cool with that. Then, I get this:

Hi there,

It’s Game Master Terrilan here at your service, and I hope your day is going well so far (this issue aside of course)! I was happy to read through your petition, and I apologize for the wait. We have a higher than normal ticket queue right now due to the release of Diablo 3.

We have reviewed your issue and we do not show any exploitive logins on the account. When we restore an account due to a compromise in Diablo 3 we look for the last good login before the hacker accessed it. As we do not show any logins, which could be due to system limitations or log holes, we have no last good point to restore from.

I looked at the time you mentioned in the ticket and if we were to reverse it, you would lose 7 levels on your character. Due to this we would not be able to roll back your character at this time. We apologize for the inconvience. However this will not wipe or use up one of your limited restorations as the rep on the phone had mentioned since we did not restore anything for you.

If you have any further questions or need any additional assistance please let us know. We are always happy to check on it again for you.


Game Master Terrilan
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

According to Terrilan the Terrible, between the time I mentioned and fell asleep and went to work, I gained 7 levels (none of which are true) and there was no sketchy activity. So do lvl 29 witch doctors normally hang out and lvl with asian players named HK7192? (and im not being racist, his server was spelt in asian characters) Cut the nonsense Terrilan, the jig is up. Let's all act a little more intelligently here, admit the problem is you probably got hacked and not me, which I don't care about, but get me my gear from the point in time RIGHT BEFORE I was in a game with hk7192. I just solved the case for you, and should have my tag changed to game master and yours revoked! I'm sure Blizzard has it time stamped when we entered the same game together! Use your head and do your job, sir!
Forbes magazine, a highly respected and touted magazine even reported this issue which can be found here... http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2012/05/21/breaking-blizzard-diablo-iii-player-accounts-hacked-items-and-gold-stolen/

It's funny how blizzard still says it's not their fault and most of the replies all mention "We have reviewed your issue and we do not show any exploitive logins on the account."

That line has been posted/quoted almost in all of the blizzard responses basically saying all logins were "legit."
I'm pretty sure the reason why they're denying we've been hacked is because with many players probably linking world of warcraft accounts to their battle.net accounts, obviously with credit card info linked to the account, Blizzard would have a major problem on their hands, as they'd have been admitting that their had been a major security breach and WoW players CC info was floating in korean cyberspace somewhere.

My argument however isn't that Blizzard got hacked. Like I said, I'm one of those idiots who downloads viruses on occasion, I don't have nifty firewalls and whatnot. I thoroughly admit that this was probably a great lesson for myself in internet security. But Blizzard pretty much saying to me "nah man, you didn't get hacked, we don't see any red flags on this account" is just retarded.

So, to my friends at Blizzard, the crew of ever so vigilant GM's who can't find fraudulent activity on my account, Let me write you a guide to finding fraudulent activity red flags on a players account:

1. If an account is suddenly wiped of all of it's belongings, this is the first red flag in an account being hacked. Diablo 3 is a game structured around players acquiring (AND RETAINING) as much of their loot as possible.

2. If an account is logged in from a certain I.P. Address (Like, for instance, in New Jersey) and then within a few hours, the account is logged in from a seperate I.P. Address on the other side of the world (Like, for instance, South Korea or China) This becomes an instant red flag. Considering it is both physically impossible to travel this distance within said time frame, and most Caucasian American customers do not share a common language with people of these 2 Asian nations, this is an obvious Red Flag. To the Blizzard GM community, if you do not understand what an I.P. Address is, please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_address . This gives a relatively elementary breakdown of what an IP address is, and how it helps us know where people are logging on to the internet from. Just like my IP address can be banned from Battle.net If I were to post child pornography in this thread, an IP address can be used to determine where a player logged into his account from. I'm sure blizzard has access to IP address tracking, it's been around since the internet has.

3. If a player is joined in game by a player from a foreign country, this should be considered an obvious red flag. Most online RPG's center around communication to further the objective of group play and teamwork.

4. If said player from a foreign country is significantly lower in level than the other player, this raises another obvious red flag.

Blizzard, I promise you, if you follow my easy checklist to determining who is truly being hacked, you will be able to restore justice to the interwebz! How I, a lowly car salesman from New Jersey, was able to figure this out before you, a million dollar company who employs the best and brightest GM's to moderate our game, proves only one thing: Your GM's are inadequate at fulfilling their duties and need replacement ASAP!!!

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