Is Passive Prodigy broken?

So i posted this in the main forum and it was buried... so maybe I will get a few people in this forum.

So the tool tip says "When you deal dmg with a sig spell you gain 4 arcane" and then lists 4 spells that are signature spells. So my power sits at 108 (its actually 128 now cause i dropped prodigy due to its apparent lack of working.....) so 108/4 is 27 times i would need to cause dmg with a sig spell to fill my power pool back to full from 0. I am using a 2 hand weapon with a speed of 1.10 with 3 boosts to attack speed from items at 12%,13%,5%. I can cast electrocute (in its base form it hits 2 mobs, im using chain rune and hitting 6 per cast) 15 times or so in about 3 seconds. So if all i need to do is deal dmg to get my 4 power to proc should i not get 24 power per cast of electrocute if it hits all 6 enemys it can?

Lets just say it only procs on the first enemy it hits... then i need to cast it 27 times to fill my pool. So if i can get off 15 or so in 3 sec my power pool should be full in around 6 sec. I still need to do some concrete testing but this passive seems broken to me.

I can sit there in a 4 person party in hell and cast as many blizzards as I can, hold down electrocute and barely watch my power pool fill faster than just standing there and letting it regen....

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