ATTN: Fellow Hell Whimsiers, Report In

Items and Crafting
Just wondering what people are finding. I've done about 15 runs. So far here's some info I've gathered:

4-5 random yellow and blue packs per run
sometimes a purple unique mob
a pinata about 1/2 the time
3-10 gems of square or radiant square per run
about 20k gold per run picked up
2-5 rares per run
So far, one legendary, Kymbo's Gold.

What has your experience been like? Post your info.
I'm finding that I get 51-59 rares (not a single 60 yet, which is bs lol, guess I'll have to make inferno for that). Other than that I'm finding about the same. Although I seem to have a pinata every time.
I ran it about 15 times on Sunday before my staff bugged out. I was averaging about 100k profit per run from gems and gold drops, and that's before adding the profit of blues, rares, and legendaries. I found 2 legendaries in 15 runs.
Anyone else have stories?
Found 2 more legendaries since posting, spectrum and cindercloak. keep reporting.

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