Bought an item, didn't receive it

Bug Report
just bought an item in the auction house. The request timed out. Then it said i bought it in my history. it took my money and did not give me the item.............................................
Yes there are other threads on this already if you look. For the moment no word on either item or money returning to you, so you may as well just go play the game and check back here once in a while (or just hope it gets fixed).
Check your's underneath on your selling tab. You still have a bid out there, so you don't get the money back.
it says i bought the item in my history, but i don't have it
it was a buyout so i didn't bid
I thought you said it timed out. With items like gems, pages, etc, if you fail to bid, it will put it under your bid tab still, even though it was a buyout.
it did time out. but in my history it says i bought it as well
the item i bought is a piece of armor not gem
Just happened to me aswell.

Not very happy
Same I'm down the price for several hundred tomes of secrets here. At this point I'll just take the gold back, or something. I mean I can't believe the ah is this difficult to use.
still have not got the item
Same thing just happened to me, currently out 1/2 million gold. :(
Bought a belt last night for 250k and didn't receive my money or my item, thought it was just being slow so went to bed. Got back from work today and still no item or money...awesome.

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