Has anyone done the math on weapon upgrades?

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I've been looking for info on this and haven't had any luck... if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

I had a 454 dps 1-hander with the somewhat confusing [+27% damage] modifier on my barbarian, and came across one with 457 dps, 70 more strength, and 22 more vit.

I couldn't tell if it was an upgrade or not. If I saw it in the AH I'd have no idea if I should buy it or pass on it, with no clue how to figure out the math on it.

So I tried it on... and it was a slight dps upgrade as well as an hp upgrade. But wait! It's a dagger, which means it's got a fast attack speed with low weapon damage... meaning that most of the barbarian's attacking moves will be doing less damage than before, since everything is based on a percentage of weapon damage. And does the +122-253 Holy Damage count towards that?

I know that people did all the mathematical analysis for the gear in WoW, so I was wondering if it's been done for D3 yet. Does anyone know more about this?
Almost all abilities are based off the weapon's DPS, not it's damage. So if you are a barbarian using a heavy hitting but long CD ability like overpower or furious charge, the weapon damage doesn't matter, only the dps. A 450 dps slow 2 hander and a fast 450 dps dagger will hit for the same, because it's normalized.

There are some exceptions to this, but we don't know what they all are yet. The only ones I know of that are confirmed belong to the monk. Seems like all barbarian abilities are normalized.

Sadly, this means that there isn't much point to slow weapons. Fast is always better for higher chance of proccing and for greater benefit from life per hit, which doesn't seem to be normalized. Hopefully i'm wrong and the system isn't that boring.

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