NPC's thet repair armor are missing

Bug Report
This is my second post because my first post is awol like these NPC's. Act 2 all NPC's that repair equipment are missing from my game. I have tried everything. They are not in the Hidden camp or the Bazaar among other places.
Woke up this morning and I still can't repair my armor. There are no NPC's in the game with repair abilities. All other NPC's seem fine. My lower level alts have all the repair NPC's. Just my Act 2 Barb is missing them.
If you are at the point where you have to talk to Leah & Adria about evacuating the towns people, that's probably why. If you talk to Leah about taking the next step of the quest, then ALL the vendors will appear in the Hidden Camp up on the scaffolding. You don't actually have to DO the quest right that second, but just talking to her will make everyone appear again.
Seriously? That's intentional? I think I am about at that quest. Oh man! I was about to delete my character and start over!

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