Weird strat figured out with frost novas:

Ok so 3 of my friends and I were just screwin' around with our wizards after the force armor nerf, and we got to thinking: frost nova. not just anything, chain frost novas. one person would use it right after another's ended and its just OP, considering how monsters are frozen for just as long in hell (we did this in hell, didnt wanna test in inferno) as in normal. we all had the cooldown reduction rune in it, and cold blooded passive, and were spamming comet, ray of frost, and the occasional blizzard. None of us have a video of it but it was fun vs hell diablo.
Nice! sounds fun :) I am gonna have to take down Hell Diablo today actually... Got too tired last night :P
Well bet you this will be nerfed, just like the monk thing where they very invulnerable for a period of time :(
That "weird strat" is called cooperation. Mwah mwah mwah!
This sounds like a ton of fun, actually.
My experience so far in Act 1 hell was that frost nova lasts MUCH shorter duration on champions/elites than other difficulties. In fact I ended up dropping it from my bar because it seemed to me by the time I was able to move after casting were they.

This was this morning after the hotfix so I don't know if they changed something else or I just ran into stuff that was nova resistant.
sounds like #3 NERF.

4 wizards can not stun lock mobs.

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