Witch Doctor Inferno Butcher 9 sec kill

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Delete it NOW!!!

bliz will nerf thissssssss

Nerf barbarians.
Damn, this guy got somewhere in Inferno.

Time to nerf!
they need to nerf barbs
Why haven't they nerfed Soul Harvest yet? When every single WD is running this skill isn't that supposed to be an indicator to Blizzard that it's broken? They've nerfed pretty much every other mandatory skill or rune sans perhaps Revenge.

edit: WD not DH lol
It's tempted me, but it is a rather boring build, and im not willing to regear to support it, I'll stick with my pets :P
wtf (from a monk).

Best I've done is a little over a minute.

Barbarian QQ !@#$storm incoming! It's a category F5!


Im a Barb in Inferno, and honestly, nah.

I can kill the Butcher pretty quick too. (not THAT quick by any stretch, but still a couple minutes and hes dead)

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