Witch Doctor Inferno Butcher 9 sec kill

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This video makes me even more sad that I chose to level a Barbarian to 60.
so.... this is a buff barbs thread right?
05/25/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Viscero
This video makes me even more sad that I chose to level a Barbarian to 60.

Get more gear on it.
05/25/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Viscero
This video makes me even more sad that I chose to level a Barbarian to 60.

If it makes you feel better, it's not a viable build unless you move a few paces every 120 seconds.
just a note for all you non-witch doctors in the audience, this is not an exploit at all. there r no game mechanics being cheesed here. this is a simple use of the vision quest passive. what it does is increase mana regen 300% as long as u have 4 spells or more on cooldown. he also used big bad voodoo, which increases dmg (and runed for mana regen).

zombie bears has a fairly high mana cost and would not be spammable for this long under normal circumstances. as soon as his big bad voodoo wore off, he would not have the mana regen to sustain bear spam like that at all.

most witch doctors use this build in nightmare/hell and drop it in inferno because of range issues for champion packs. theres a very good reason this person does not have the nephalm valor buff at all. he can NEVER kill a champion pack with this build and thats the reason it will never be nerfed.
This isn't an exploit, this is what happens when you get good gear.
05/25/2012 01:25 PMPosted by DidiMao
Seeing as how there is an achievement for butchering the butcher in under twenty seconds on inferno I would say this isnt exactly unintended stuff.

this wouldnt have been possible for bears to be spammed (before oom) without abusing an exploit.

VQ gives you 300% mana regen when 4 skills are on CD, BBV (120 sec CD) gives you huge (can't remember the number) mana regen. Using both at once makes it so you can spam bears all day for like 20 seconds out of every 120 seconds.
So..how do we know this is actually Inferno difficulty?
Wow. Those zombie bears are just plain awesome
to watch. Must be fun to have someone in a group
that spams them here and there.
05/25/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Entropic
So..how do we know this is actually Inferno difficulty?

He drops a Tome of Secrets.
Great job...

I play a witch doctor and I already feel like a weak one shot punching bag

Now I'll be nerfed to oblivion and have to quit this retarded game
Blizz nerf this now. I cant have anyone doing this in single player its op okay?
05/25/2012 01:44 PMPosted by Grotz
So..how do we know this is actually Inferno difficulty?

He drops a Tome of Secrets.

Good eye.
05/25/2012 12:57 PMPosted by DidiMao
vq is an exploit that essentially turns mana into a bigass pool of arcane power.

He doesn't use VQ until the butcher is 3 seconds away from death. He is using the mana regen voodoo to sustain mana regen for the first 6 seconds. The fight would take 12-15 seconds without VQ and change absolutely nothing about the fight except he would have something extra from a different passive choice in place of VQ.

He killed the butcher quickly because of his top-notch gear combined with soul harvest. They should make soul harvest 1/3rd as good, but double the radius and allow it to hit 8 mobs max instead of 5. What they will probably do is nerf soul harvest so hard that no one uses it again until a patch comes around 3 years from now, which is dumb.
Wizards use abilities/passive's as written in their tooltip.
Wizards do crazy specs/things with those abilities/passive.
Wizards get nerfed twice in less than a week. (Both abilities are basically worthless now)

Witch Docter gets 9 second kill on an inferno boss. Blizz thinks its awesome.

Now I'm not saying you should get nerfed at all Witch Doctors, I'm more saying "Blizz stop making rash stupid decisions about a noncompetitive game.

barbarian 10 second inferno butcher kill
nerf incoming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My gear is nowhere near this guys but I've found two ways to play the WD.

1- Darts and run. It's pretty low damage but you can build however you want. Not that it matters because you never have the mana to do anything aside from darts.

2- VQ and load up on ults. On elites MC, Voodoo, army, garg, spirit walk, and either bears for things you can get close to or dire bats for things you need to stay away from. Maybe swap out one or two of those spells depending on the elite pack.

It's incredibly boring either way. With option 1 you feel weak and don't get to do much. With option 2 there's no strategy other than your spell set up for a particular pack. You blow everything you have and take them down before the effects wear off.

This stems from the core problems of mana being a terrible resource and having several incredibly powerful, long cd spells. My barb is forced into a similar strategy against some elite packs where I have to load up on long cd's like WoB and earthquake. Pop everything at the start and just blow them up before the screen is covered in lava, desecration, plague, and lasers.

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