Demon Hunter
So this is the reason why Demon hunter was so amazing. They were well rounded and had amazing passives. They would do so many different things and had like 10 Play Styles.. Blizzard what happened to these passives from back in 2011!!!

Weak Spot: (Requires Level 10) - Increases critical strike damage by 100%.
Archery: (Requires Level 10) - Reduces the cost of Hatred-type skills by 50%.
Cloak of Shadows: (Requires Level 10) - Reduces melee damage taken by 20%.
Aggression: (Requires Level 12) - Increases attack by 20%.
Superior Skill: (Requires Level 12) - Increases precision by 20%.
Toughness: (Requires Level 12) - Increases vitality by 20%.
Back to Basics: (Requires Level 18) - Increases the basic damage done by the Demon Hunter's weapon by 100%.
Focused Discipline: (Requires Level 18) - Reduces the cost of Discipline-type skills by 20%.
Opportunity: (Requires Level 18) - Increases damage dealt to slowed targets by 20%.
Years of Training: (Requires Level 18) - When a Discipline-type skill is used, damage dealt by the Demon Hunter is increased by 10% for 10 seconds. Can stack up to three times.
Ballistics: (Requires Level 24) - Increases damage dealt by rockets by 100%. The rocket effect is provided by certain runestones.
Hot Pursuit: (Requires Level 24) - When Hatred is at its maximum, run speed is increased by 10%.
Killing Spree: (Requires Level 24) - When an enemy is killed by the Demon Hunter, the next attack dealt within the next 5 seconds has 30% increased critical strike chance.
Resourcefulness: (Requires Level 24) - When Discipline is under 20%, the regeneration of Hatred is increased by 30%
A lot of the game seems rushed, especially the gimmick of being 1-shotted in Inferno. I would imagine they scrapped a majority of the "fun customization" talents because they didn't have enough time (10+ years lol?) to balance. See: Smoke Screen + Lingering.
Some of those are just out dated. The stat boosters use the old stat system and a simple 20% boost to a stat is boring for a passive. The Archery one sounds like it uses the old Hatred system which didn't have any Hatred generators.
I still want some of these

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