simple tips to get trhu inferno

i solo'd act 1 without kiting or skiping, pretty simple.
- get all resistance, everyone should know that barb without a good resistance is like water, so... get some resistance to act 1 with 150+ resistance on everything you should solo it.
-!Vcd!abZcZa i use this build, you need the ground stomp with WS, 4sec with free dps is GREAT, and i was trying to find a healing skill to survive after the stun is gone, revenge you can possibly die because it won't heal enough with elites/champions/rares/whatevers, Furious Charge with Dreadnought, but you will die most of times if you use it with champions, so Ignore Pain with Ignore is a bliss is great, especially with champions, you will get full hp in a second, 5 seconds of free dps on champion, thats when you activate earthquake and wrath of berserker, you will kick their asses even with a 1h+shield :)
- simple thing here... avoid fire/poison/ponies and everything that you thing you may die, if you poped wrath of berserker and there's fire on your feet IT STILL NOT MAKE YOU INVINCIBLE, GTFO AND ATTACK AGAIN!(or waste your big CD and try again).
- do not pop your CD on simple mobs, if your ground stomp AND your Ignore Pain is on CD kite a little bit and your ground stomp will be open for business.
- frenzy with sidearm got the 2nd best aoe damage in the game(!@#$ WW with fire, that is cool but is useless) so if you ground stomp, i am sure you gonna kill 3-5 peeps in 4 sec if your 1hand got at least 500dps.
- life steal is another GREAT thing there, if you are low health and ground stomp you gonna have 4 sec of free dps without mobs hitting you, if you get at least 8% of LS you may able to get 40-60% hp in 4 sec sidearm you help you, and with champions if you pop earthquake your health won't get down that easy(if you stay in fire, it will you douchebag).
- get some attack speed on your amulet and rings, doesn't matter that you gonna lose some vitality, sidearm will pop faster and more LS for ya, with 30k of hp you can solo act 1, i know that theres peeps talking about "WOW I GOT DIABLO ON INFERNO" skiping everything? good job my friend :)
- sometimes you'll see elites that you can't solo, give it 3 shots with everything to use, and you can't beat it, skip it, but just give it a try, i almost finished act 2 with my friends but we skipped lots of things and i'm unhappy about that, i wanna try to kill 90% on act2 and every other act, thats the challenge, kill elites not bosses, these peeps that already finished every act, they skiped everything, barb sucks, i know you need to be rich or lucky to get a great resistance and solo some elite out there, but, be tuff and try to farm in some specific places, call your friends, farm with them, more friends with you, more loot will show up, get some MF(magic find) gear open up every chest with it.
sorry for my english and thanks for reading it until the end :)
btw, 80% of diablo III is based on random things, so stop QQing about random things, it happens, get over with it or go play mario.
05/25/2012 06:46 PMPosted by Knird
i solo'd act 1 without kiting or skiping, pretty simple.

act 1. stopped reading.
05/25/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Fenrìz
i solo'd act 1 without kiting or skiping, pretty simple.

act 1. stopped reading.

cool story bro :)

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