DH's Total Damage value is not fixed

Demon Hunter
Has anyone noticed demon hunter's total damage ( can be viewed when pressing i) is not fixed, What I mean when i press " I " to check out my total damage, the Total Damage value is running from 4000 to 7000( max damage) and then goes back to 4k again and running to max damage. The value stated from the total damage does not stay there.

is it a bug ?
This is your sharpshooter passive ability.
Lol just lol.
So was it good to use sharpshooter as a passive ability?
your dps is the calculation of your average damage per second, this is calculated based on your current stats. since sharp shooter increase crit chance every second you dont attack, your dps will go up as well.

therefore your DPS is actually false when you have sharp shooter on because it assumes your crit chance is what it is all the time, but its not since sharp shooter resets after every attack
One thing to note, sharpshooter doesn't reset after every attack. It resets one second after you crit. Depending on how you use your abilities that can be a lot of crits.

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