Invulnerable Anything

How do you deal with Invulnerable packs (inferno)? I can kill them eventually, but only after many deaths or if I get extremely lucky with positioning (the vulnerable one being in front). You can't snare the invulnerables, and after 3-5 hits I am usually dead.

How do you deal with em?
Continuous blizzard on the leader. Some def skills to kepp minions at bay. Nothing else you can really do. Corpse roll. Ohh how I love this kiting game.....
I'd skip them since it is a waste of time.
Run for your life!
Drag them into some corner, die, bypass.
arcane orb
I use arcane orb, please explain :)
celestial rune, shoot the boss...
Nice, thanks.
I would probably lure them into a side passage and die, then go past them without pulling them again.

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