My dps good for my lvl?

Demon Hunter
Level 34 Demon hunter and have 750 dps. Is that good amount of dps for that level?
LVL 40 - ACT 2 NM

Im at almost 1k dps with outdated weaponry ( still using 2 Xbows from normal )
What kind of gear do you have?
Just make sure you socket greens everywhere except helms and weapons
Rubies in weps
I use amethyst for my helm socket for extra health since NM is such a drastic change in difficulty in the aspect of survivability.
lvl 48 1832dps (unbuffed)
lol I have 7737.34 dps and I'm lvl 54. And in that level I think I had about 2k or something. Imo I would not consider that to be even a fair amount.
I'm sitting just over 1k Dps at 34. Around 1k is what you should be aiming for imo.
hmm I'm at 750dps with my battle gear at level 31, but only 250ish with my MF gear which with plenty of kiting is survivable in act 3 normal so far. Just starting Act 4
Ok I'm breaking a cardinal rule (my own) and logging in to reply to this question while I'm at work...No really I have a job and even know a few people who let me call them friends!
In all seriousness my most sincere reply to your question is to forget about the numbers! Instead concentrate on making sure the uglies go down before you. If they do then not only is your DPS sufficient but (this is more important) so is your gameplay!
got 250 DPS at lvl 25, act 3 normal

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