Dying to often in nightmare

Demon Hunter
05/18/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Strength
P.S.: Everyone that puts Smoke Screen and Vault at the same time is a noob, so don't listen to SuMmiX

How quickly did you die to the Waller, X, X mob when your 12 seconds of immunity ran out and you weren't packing a (runed to be free) Vault to escape? Just curious, because I run Vault with the Acrobatics rune specifically for those spawns, and I ran out of needs to fill.

Or did you just assume that was something that SS/Prep couldn't be built to survive?
I still die really fast for my likeing, (but its early in the game) I have lvl 50 something now and I chose to stack vit and I am sitting at around 21k hp and still die way to fast for my liking.

I think I have more issues with the lack of targeting in this game I like haveing my target locked in, so when I shoot at something I know I am its going to my intended target.

But all in all the DH is fun but can be very mcuh a glass cannon.
I can see you're a quebecor from your Monk's name :P:P

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