Lost signal to screen and buzzing

Bug Report
Starting with the latest patch, when I am connected to the Americas server I run into an issue in-game. My screen goes black and says that there is no signal going to the monitor and a loud buzzing comes from the speakers. I am unable to do anything to resolve the issue other than hard reboot the computer. I have tried playing on several different characters and this happens to all of them and at random intervals ranging from 5 minutes to an hour. It seems to happen more frequently in Act II, but that could just be that I have played that character more and have more data. I have found no reason, or accidental trigger, for the crash. It has happened When I am in combat, running around, and while I am in a town or camp. I have tried changing the resolution and that seemed to help a little, but does not make a huge difference. Before the patch came out, I had no problems with the game, my friends and I slayed demons and were happy. I have not tried multiplayer since this started, so I don't know if it makes a difference. The only thing I found that fixes the problem is to join the European server. The problem with that, is everyone I know is not on the Americas server.
I have the same problem. At first I though my video card was overheating, but I checked the temp and it was normal. There seems to be a lot of bugs with video cards.


I am going to try what the guy in that thread suggested. Not sure what video card you have, though.
My problem is I am using a Radeon AMD 7750
The Driver worked for a little while but then quit.

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