What RAM to buy?

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Here's the computer I just ordered...

It has 4GB of RAM and I'm looking to add another 4GB. I have very little knowledge about computers and need some help finding which 4GB RAM I should by. Most likely want to order off Amazon, can someone direct me to what I'm looking for?

Was looking at....
Would that be compatible with the laptop I just purchased?
Yes, it would be compatible theoretically.
Yeah, that'll work - both Corsair and Acer suck in this case for neglecting to list the rated speed of the memory...

You need PC3-10600 memory, which after a bit of digging the Corsair memory satisfies. One thing to consider is you often get best performance for pairing memory modules with the same latency and general timing characterisitcs - the memory controller works much more efficiently this way. I usually buy memory in sets as a rule to ensure consistency.

Of course it was like pulling teeth just finding the memory installed in that laptop, don't expect Acer to tell you its timing :-\

If in doubt, for the price listed on Amazon.com you might consider buying a pair of modules and simply discarding the module that came pre-installed... it really depends on how much of a stickler you are on performance.

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