5 Hero's with the same name! 4 level 1's....

Bug Report
When I go to the caractor screen I have a list of 5 hero's. All with the same Nick name called Ruber, 4 of them are naked with 0 second's play time and My main that has 34 Hours played.

Now I think this is a bug when the release date on the 15th wasn't letting anyone log in for the entire day, So you would get error after error.

What I want to know is If i delete all my level 1's with the same name has my main caractor, Will it delete my main caractor also since its the same name???

Because Of this I only have 5 hero slots left

Please let me know

It won't delete your main character, I've already removed my excess characters created.
With the same named caractors?
Yep, I had four of the same named characters at level 1, and I removed them all, and my main is still alive and happy :D
Worked :) thanks

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