Standing DPS build, Opinions?

Witch Doctor
Ok currently a level 56 WD Hell Act 2, as of last night didn't have the energy to kite so made a build to just stand and smash before I drop!ZbV!acZYaY

Noticed a lot of people throwing up Vision Quest Firebats spam, personally didn't find to interesting to play.
With this build you can stand still and take a bit of damage (shield, Jungle Fort, Horrify with Armour Rune) while holding Zombie Charge with Bear Rune.
Added benefit of hitting back attackers too.
Soul Harvest with Siphon life to regain health and buff damage. and of course SW with Welcome guest for mana regen. throw in some meat shields and I found this an easy build to go a lil mindless with.

Obviously has holes in it but surprisingly solid build if you give it a crack.

Thoughts? Tweak suggestions? feel free to throw it in.
Everybody and their mother uses this build or a similar one in Hell/Inferno...

My suggestion is to at least tweak your passive to bad medicine (replace spirit vessel)

Remove spiritual attunement and get Vision Quest.

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