Daibo vs. 2xFist Weapons vs. 1xFist+Shield

Anyone have any idea of the pros and cons between the two setups? Also, is a shield absolutely necessary in Hell/Inferno? I am only in Act 3 Normal (yea, I know, maybe I am a nub, but while I like to be hardcore in my attitude, I can only put in casual play time) and recently switched from 2xFist Weapons to a Daibo mostly for aesthetics.

It seems to me at face value that using a Daibo should be better for dps, because the daibo hits harder and the abilities all key off weapon dps. Some abilities like sweeping wind provide a dot based effect that is unaffected by attack speed, so to me if you choose that ability, the Daibo is a clearly superior choice. But I am the first to admit I don't know all the underlying mechanics of this game yet and so I ask the questions.

As for the shield, I am having a hard time coming to grips with a Monk using a shield, mostly because my brain doesn't see a monk that way. To me the Monk is that guy wading through the masses of mobs either unarmed or with his bo staff dodging attacks and slaughtering the bad guys. So far, I have been able to produce that in game and have enjoyed it immensely. But I have seen a fair number of posts saying Monks are poor in Hell/Inferno without a shield.

Thanks for helping and answering any questions you can.
extra armor not really helps

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