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Just cause you see something for sale at 200k, doesn't mean it actually sells for 200k. I'm tired of people posting all this garbage for absurd prices, negatively influencing the rest of the market. Also, include reasonable buyout prices..... if i bid on an item, by the time the auction ends i no longer have use for that item....

Have some common sense when posting items. I have some fat Magic find and i find quite a few items worth selling in the AH. All my prices vary from 5-20k (buyout). 80% of my items are bought out within 4 hours. If i wanted to charge more for the items, my items either wouldn't sell or take forever to sell. Due to the quantity of good rare's that i find, this would limit my total income capacity as only 10 items are allowed at one time in the AH. Posting items for more than 20k (no matter how good) would in fact NOT net me more gold at the end of the day.

If your selling a level 40 item.... someone saving all their money from the beginning of the game is unlikely to save up more than 300k gold total. A level 40 item for 300k is simply absurd for this very reason.
I'm selling stuff regularly at b/o in the range of 300k.
Good for your must be richy rich, Ill continue to sell at 1200-5k depending on stats.

Nothing over 65k (And that was Legendary)
Actually its a sell by demand basis. If someone is selling something for 500k it doesn't mean anything. Just ignore it and know that they wasted a spot on their auction house, while you look for an item in your price range. That is why we have the limit, to keep prices at a reasonable rate. If you take the time to look you can easily buy a piece of armor or weapon for 10-25k that is similar or better than the first couple of pages that are well over 200k each.

As far as prices being too high? I have sold level 17 items for 75-100k each and level 40 items for 200k. Is that too high? Apparently not because people are willing to pay for it. So in the sense of items dropping in the near time due to no one buying 'over priced' items is a fallacy.

An important part of the Auction house is knowing what to save and sell on it. Then knowing what to price it so you can then use that money, once its sold, to buy your new items.
In fact why is there an auction at all... it just takes time of your gaming. and... every item in the auction can be obtained by just playin the game....
This is not a really smart addition to the game i think...
They should have focused more on the games excesive safety precautions. FFS a serial key is more then enough and...
dunno why they didn't just copy D2's security. Never managed to copy it or crack it with a key...
not if i wanted to play blizzard official that is :D.
But i understand, with al the terrorist actions we wouldn't want one to hijack our D3 account haha
If I have a good lvl 50+ item I want to sell, I'll put it at around 50-100k depending on how it compares to the other items of the same class and lvl that are on the auction house. I could see selling an amazing lvl 60 item for up to 500k and by amazing I'm talking about something that you'll have on your lvl 60 character forever. But for these idiots putting items up for a million (I've even seen items for sale for over 1 billion) I hope they are happy with wasting a slot.
I only ever start my stuff off at 100 and just let people battle over it. Usually by the time the auction ends the items are up to 5k. And these are not crazy good items either just random junk. I guess thats why I only sell about 1 out of 8 things lol.

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