So I Just Noticed Something Odd, Anyone Else?

My entire build revolves around just spamming Electrocute with Chain Lightning at a high crit rate. I always seem to fight champions that are Electric or Shielding enchanted, and I never get Frenzy Shrines anymore.

Is the game purposely screwing with me? Or is this just a string of bad luck. It's been happening all day yesterday and today.
Pretty sure its just bad luck. Kinda sounds like the time in D2 when my Lightning Sorceress came to a screeching halt in Hell difficulty when Blood Raven and all of her flunkies were Lightning immune.
I'm half way through Act 3 of NM, and things have been Electric enchanted since I started Act 2. It's just annoying is all, I'm sure the game doesn't actively evolve to counter what spells I'm using. That would be both annoying and too difficult. But it feels like it.
I think what is great about this game is that unlike D2, when you are faced with that situation...back up change the skill and then go to work. I went through and entire act last night on NM and it seemed like every "Champion" group was lightning enchanted and I to usually stick with Electrocute.
Going to keep a log because it's still happening.

804pm Electrified/Firechains.
810pm Electrified/Arcane.
814pm Electrified/Molten.
821pm Electrified/Plagued.

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