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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone's found Halmin the Alchemist for the Market Research achievement. D3db says he's level 30 on normal, so I'm guessing Act 3. Thanks.
People say hes in the foundry lvl 1 on The battlefields
Confirmed in Foundry Level 1 on The Battlefields
Strange part is. I've ran foundry lvl 1 like 10 times now. still no sight of him
He is definitely there. Checked myself. He actually isn't immediately standing there when you first enter the room, but is hidden in a pile of rubble next to the fireplace-like thing in the northern room. There are a few monsters in the room and once you kill them Halmin will come out of the rubble from the top corner.
If all you have to do is kill a few monsters in the fireplace-like thing room then this is not working at all. I even cleared both levels and this guy is a no show.
Apparently there are variations on foundry level 1, and he does not always spawn. We've seen versions of the foundry without this room, and versions with this room where he did not spawn.

And we got lucky, just found the version with him in it. So definitely, it's like prisoner's journal; a rare spawn within a rare spawn.
This dude must be bugged now.. Did like 20 Foundry runs and didn't find him.. ;_;
06/07/2012 06:59 PMPosted by ZZZappy
Unlucky =/= bugged.

Yeah!! Just found him, almost 3 hours searching. LoL.
06/07/2012 07:49 PMPosted by Alosis

Yeah!! Just found him, almost 3 hours searching. LoL.

Grats. GL on the Wheel of Misfortune achieve. I think this one is taking me the longest so far lol

No kidding.. have been looking for the last 10 spawn for like 5 hours when taking all the time together.. really annoying :(
Wheel of fortune took me like 30 runs to get first 8 of the possibilities and another 70+ runs to get the last 2 possibilities :P
Found him. Third time through the Foundry and like 20th run of the battlefields trying to get the foundry to spawn. He's in a room with a bed (that can't be destroyed btw) and a fireplace with 3 or so big ogre-like monsters. Once you kill them he comes out from under the bed. Wasn't near the entrance of my foundry but was on the first floor.
2nd day searching.. no sight of him, tried on all lvl difficulties xD

Found him 10 seconds after i wrote this post :D
Confirmed at Foundry level 1. Northernmost room, with a handful of beds and a fireplace. There was like 2 mobs inside, soon as they died the merchant came out from under a bed. If you are farming and resetting from Bridge of Korsikk, as you head west from the bridge look for a giant gaping moat. Not a trench but a moat. That means theres a castle door on the other side, giving you 1 of 2 dungeons, Cryptors Keep or whatever, which you have to go through an archway and open a door. Or Foundry, which you break a small barricade and walk down some stairs to the glowing door. Hope that helps save time and gets you the achievement. :)

ps. Took me about 5 foundry's to find him, when you see the small rectangular fireplace room with beds you'll know you found it, it stands out like a sore thumb.
Can you invite other people in to meet him or do they have to be there when you clear the room?
I just found him in a room in the middle of the map, not the northernmost room. Make sure you check every room!
Finally found him! Several dozen runs to The Battlefields, got The Foundry 7 or 8 times, and Halmin finally showed up. He was on level 1, but not in one of the northernmost rooms. Thanks for the posts, it's what kept me determined to keep trying til I found him!

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