How much should I ask for Rare Hand Crossbow?

Demon Hunter
Rare Hand Crossbow

+52-115 poison damage
+99 dexterity
+52 inteligence
+Increases Hatred generation by 0.88 per Second
+5 Maximum Discipline
+Level Requirement Reduced by 5

Required level 46

So how much is it worth? 150 000?
There's the Item and/or Trade forum section.
This is what I do, I look for crossbows of similar stats and stats slightly lower than the one I'm selling on the AH.
I base the price of which I place my item up for, upon what I see fit in the competative market.
I find most 400+ DPS (50ish lvl) items are about 100k. The only items still "realistically" in the economically static range are close to 1k DPS. The only way to sell it for that price, to that reduced level, is to catch opportunistic players leveling their second 60.

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