Teleporting back in mist of battle.

Bug Report
I don't know what it was but when I'm attacking and running, sometimes I would try to walk away in one direction and teleport back to the same spot multiple times and I would get stuck. And this happened occasionally when I'm fighting mobs in Inferno.

Please address this problem, it's so frustrating.
Yeah, same happens to me, but mostly when I'm Vaulting away, it vaults me right back to where I started...which gets me killed.
Same deal and its almost on every encounter. I'll attack and try and run and attack etc. And suddenly find myself pulled back to a spot I had initially ran from. My latency even since I look when this has happened is nothing over 50 ms. I run the game on a dual quad core system with a 20 MB cable connection. WoW and all the other games I play do not have this issue. This is the only one.
Absolutly, this happens roughly 50% of the time when fighting mobs that drop patches on the ground (ie desecrator or plagued) and even happens when friendly puts a spot on the ground..(thinking Witch Doc slow patch) In a game where reaction counts (inferno) this makes the game unplayable with certain mobs as a monk. This can not be overcome by skill! it is pure failed design.

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