What exactly IS the freeze chance for Blizz?

With a frozen solid rune, I remember reading it was like 25 percent or something. So I based my build utilizing around it, now I finally get the rune and I havent seen a single enemy become frozen, just slowed?
Does this even still work or did they nerf this too.
It can only apply during the initial application of Blizzard. i.e. you have to cast it right on top of the mob. It cannot proc by way of them walking into an existing one.
So only the initial hit? The hits that follow cannot freeze? Even if they were initially inside of the blizzard from the start?
Options -> Gameplay -> Show advanced tooltips.

20% chance on it's first tick against that monster.

(P.S. If you didn't know about it yet, you should also turn on elective mode so you can use multiple abilities from the same set)

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