Auction House bug

Bug Report
I complete bid an item and it shows up on my list. But I can't send that item to my stash. I click on the button. It just time out and it doesn't complete. I double check I have a lot of space on my stash.

I logout and log back in and try that few more time. Same issue. That the bid item just won't go to my stash. My unsold items does go back to my stash with no issue.


Please fix the issue. I have captured the screen I can submit that picture. Let me know.
I have the exact problem. It happened just 10 minutes ago.
I purchased an item from the auction house it showed up Completed Buyout.
When I tried to transfer the item to my stash it just vanished in both Stash and Completed Auction. There is a record of the item transaction: 96299493

UPDATE: I Just sold one item, no cash for me in the Completed Auction. And one more item bought no where to be found
Same here, I hope that just server database got delay for the update. Someone told me they get the item in completed list after few days.

I hope that is the case for us.

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