Blizz why can't we dye legendary items?

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Is this something that's gonna change or.. I can see no point to dyes if you can't change an item's color, and surely you're expecting people to equip some legendaries even though you are trying very hard to make them sub par.
There is no reason why we should not be able to dye legendary items. I'm going with the desert dye on my items. I got a pair of legendary gloves and they are bright freakin' green! It looks ridiculous. We should at least be able to vanish them, if nothing else. Please change this and let us dye legendary items.
Just bought my first legendary on the AH today, and got very disappointed when I learned it cannot be dyed. I've been using vanishing dye on all my helms so far, because I enjoy that look. Now I'm stuck looking like a samurai with horns ( because I like the attack speed that you cannot get from regular helms.

Please let us dye our legendaries!
Yes, blizzard please let us dye legendary items. I would very much like to make my legendary boots' color match the rest of my equipment.
Get another one that you can dye, legendary item not really that good or sell them
05/31/2012 04:25 PMPosted by SONGSUN
Get another one that you can dye, legendary item not really that good or sell them

there are some legendaries that are best in slot, like andariels visage for demon hunters

dont be stupid.

blizz let us dye legendaries.
I understand why the color dye won't make sense, but let us use the vanishing dye. My character can't be naked now :(
Bump, this was disappointing.

I searched google to see what others had to say about this, Blizzard should really take notice on this. I bought the collector's edition and was using the smoke dye on the majority f my gear.. everything looks pretty awesome, except for these bright white pants! Bleh!
I agree, was BUMMED when I got my 1st legendary item and realized I had to live with it's color. :(
I agree, i have full legendary armor on my demonhunter, and hes awsome, but every single piece of armor has a different color.. its sooo ugly.. Also im new to diablo, and i get confused when people say " Legendary armor isnt that good."" WTF? Then whats better? lol Legendary is better than rare, and rare is better than magic, so what the heck..
You want them to change colors when Blizz is lazy enough not to make them disappear with vanishing dye?
tell me about it, I got a Seven Sins shoulder for my Monk and that think is ugly as hell, a bunch of horns that don't match at all the monk's armors and aesthetics, I just want to make them vanish with the vanishing dye, is this too much to ask?
Agreed let us dye them...I just got a nice Aughild's Brow I equip it and see its an ugly red pot helm on my I go to vanish dye it and I can't...I am disappointed. Also it totally doesn't go with my armor dyed with the collector's edition dyes...

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