Authenticator Battery-how long does it last?

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... before you have to get a new authenticator. Usually they are about four to five years before these type of things wear out/fail.

If you had one from WoW for a few years, Bli$$ard might be asking you to buy a new one soon.
I doubt $6 every four to five years is going to break the bank of most players.
Since blizz only charge you the cost I think thats fair.

I also had mine fail in the first year and blizz replaced it for free(good service).

Although I now use the mobile app.
I've had mine going on almost 4 years now (got it from blizzcon 08). Still works, though I think the button might be a little worn because I have to push it in farther to get it to display. I'll just get the free one on my phone if it dies so no big deal.
The key chain authenticators are pretty much sold at cost, and they offer a free smartphone alternative.

Not a huge fan of the auction house centerpiece they've created, but as far as Blizzard and authenticators are concerned, they're not making any profit off them. You can look 'em up if you don't believe.
The Vasco Digipass GO 6, which appears to be what Blizzard is using for physical tokens has a listed battery life of 7 years by the manufacturer;


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