How do I disable screen shake?

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Today, I found out repeated screen shaking makes me nauseous
A form of motion sickness I'm assuming

Example: Every time a Wizard cast Meteor Shower,
each meteor (which lands in a different spot) shakes my screen
It starts off fine and I don't notice anything
but the more this happens, the more nauseous I end up getting

I looked through the game options and could not find how to disable screen shake
If it can be done, could someone tell me how?

If it is currently not possible
I hope that this concern is valid and would like to request a toggle option to disable screen shake in the future

Yeah, many skills cause the screen to shake violently, extremely annoying.

Dont even mention Act 3, where the castle town literally vibrates the whole time.

I'll add my voice and previous thread to this. We seriously need the devs to look at this. It's not ok for there to be so much shake/!@#$le going on. The environmental shake is actually the worst for me.

It's not a good design decision, it isn't fun, and it is damaging to the play experience. If someone on the development team just had their heart set on screen shake being in the game, I'm sorry, but we need the ability to remove it.

The beginning of Act 4 is actually the worst. All of heaven shakes until you close the rifts and move to the next level. There are also no checkpoints, so it takes like 45 minutes to finish sometimes.
agreed. after playing for any decent period of time, my eyes hurt from all of the shaking. it doesn't enhance the gameplay experience, and i would love an option to turn it off.
I agree, this is incredibly annoying in act 4. Blizzard went way overboard with the screen shaking. Even Path of Exile has an option to turn this off in their beta...
agreed , im getting headaches and my eyes hurting from all my barbarian skills making the screen shake... ><
I agree. Especially early Act IV as Graysdir said. A toggle would be awesome!
I concur wholeheartedly.
Please Blizzard? Need a toggle in the settings. there is WAY too much screen shake.
Just tried to play through act 4 and I had to stop because of a headache from this "feature"
I just got a new video card and you had me convinced that it was my video card which was malfunctioning. >:O RAWR!
yes they didn't consider people who might experience sickness even worse epilepsy when designing this, what a bad design decision clearly poor
So many threads about this and not one blue post... Screen shaking happens so often it's nauseating to say the least. Please respect your customers and implement this feature asap.
Feature requests need to be posted in the General Discussion forum.

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Agree! Please allow us to turn off all screen shaking. Causes many problems for me. Forces me to avoid whole areas of the game and skills.
@Omrakos - could you please, update the link above to the relevant thread. This is a serious health and safety issue which should be dealth with as a priority! Thanks.
Feature requests need to be posted in the General Discussion forum.

Customer Support Representative

This seems to be a serious issue, and all you have in response is referring it to the correct forum? People are getting sick of playing this game (literally). Go down the hall/send an email to developers and fix it.

And if you read carefully, he's wondering how to turn a feature off. You could first answer whether it is TECHNICALLY possible to turn off screen shaking.

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